In order to receive award participants are required in the period from May 1st till May 31st 2017 to get at least 1712 points for two way contacts with the amateur radio stations from the russian oblasts: Moscow city (MA), Sankt-Peterburg (SP), Moscow area (MO) and Leningradskaya oblast (LO) activated within Radio marathon “Moscow-870 anniversary.




Dates of activity: between 00:00 UTC on May 1st, and 23:59 UTC on May 31st, 2017. The two-way contacts count for QSO on any HF/VHF band, any mode (CW, Phone, DIGI). Duplicated QSO count on different band and / or mode. All digital contacts (RTTY, JT65, PSK31, PSK63 etc) count for DIGI only one time per each band.

Valid stations and Point Values:

  • First QSO with any SES R870x (in the period from January 1st till December 31st 2017)  – 870 points;
  • QSO with R1712M (in the period from May 11th till May 20th 2017) – 100 points;
  • QSO with Moscow city (RDA districts MA-xx)  and Sankt-Peterburg (RDA districts SP-xx) - 17 points;
  • QSO with russian oblasts Moscow area (RDA MO-xx) and Leningradskaya oblast (RDA districts LO-xx) – 12 points.


  • Only first QSO with any SES from R870MR870O, R870C, R870K, R870B, R870A count 870 points. All other contacts count 17 points each but in the period from January 1st till December 31st, 2017.
  • All the points are multiplied by two on 160 meters and VHF/UHF. This condition does not apply to a first QSO with the R870.
  • All the points are multiplied by two (by four on 160 meters and VHF/UHF) for the HAM's outside Europe. This condition does not apply to a first QSO with the R870.


Per Tsar Peter I request on 19th of May 1712 the Russian capital  was trnsfered from ancient Moscow to Peterburg which was only 9 years old. The Sankt Peterburg was the Russian capital from 1712 till 1918 (no included the Peter II times when  capital was moved back to Moscow for the short time) and  the residence of the Russian emperors.


During the Northern war Russia got access to the Baltic Sea. At this place was established the first ever town which was built per Europeans standards. The capital was moved to this city because it was closer to Europe and had a better image to the foreigners. Also the Peter I needed the capital on the sea coast because the guests from the other countries can sail to tsar by sea and not by dangerous road to Moscow. The transfer happened before the formal agreement per Nishtadsky Contract.  Thus the capital was placed in territory of foreign country.