In order to receive award participants are required in the period from January 1st till December 31st 2017 to get at least 870 point for two way contacts with the special amateur radio stations the city of Moscow activated within Radio marathon “Moscow-870 anniversary”




Dates of activity: between 00:00 UTC on January1st, and 23:59 UTC on December 31st, 2017. The two-way contacts count for QSO on any HF/VHF band, any mode (CW, Phone, DIGI). Duplicated QSO count on different band and /or mode. All digital contacts (RTTY, JT65, PSK31, PSK63 etc) count for DIGI only one time per each band.

Valid stations and Point Values:

  • Each two-way contact with the special call sign from Moscow (see Appendix 1) counts 10 points.


  • All the points are multiplied by two on 160 meters and VHF/UHF.
  • All the points are multiplied by two (by four on 160 meters and VHF/UHF) for the HAM's outside Europe.

Appendix 1

The list of special call signs from Moscow

two-way contacts with which count for

“Moscow-870” award

R1147M R1238M R1368M R1380M R1382M R1408M R1451M R1521M R1547M R1591M R1605M R1606M
R1608M R1611M R1612M R1618M R1712M R1812M R1918M R1941BM R1941OM R1945M R2017M R870A
R870B R870C R870K R870M R870O              

Appendix 2

The list of special call signs from Moscow

two-way contacts with which count for

“Moscow-870” award

by dates

Callsign Start of activity End of activity   Callsign Start of activity End of activity
R870M 2017.01.01. 2017.01.10   R1451M 2017.07.01 2017.07.10
R1238M 2017.01.11 2017.01.20   R1521M 2017.07.11 2017.07.20
R1547M 2017.01.21 2017.01.31   R1591M 2017.07.21 2017.07.31
R870M 2017.02.01 2017.02.10   R870K 2017.08.01 2017.08.20
R2017M 2017.02.11 2017.02.28   R1382M 2017.08.21 2017.08.31
R870O 2017.03.01 2017.03.10   R870B QRX  
R1918M 2017.03.11 2017.03.20   R1812M Canceled  
R1611M 2017.03.21 2017.03.31   R1941OM Canceled  
R1147M 2017.04.01 2017.04.10   R1612M Canceled  
R1605M 2017.04.11 2017.04.20   R1618M Canceled  
R870O 2017.04.21 2017.04.30   R870B QRX  
R870C 2017.05.01 2017.05.10   R870A QRX  
R1712M 2017.05.11 2017.05.20   R1368M Canceled  
R1606M 2017.05.21 2017.05.31   R1408M Canceled  
R1380M 2017.06.01 2017.06.10   R1941BM Canceled  
R1945M 2017.06.11 2017.06.20   R870A QRX  
R1608M 2017.06.21 2017.06.30        

The plaque "Moscow-870" is 200 x 250 mm, made at the matte-silver background.

It is cost 39€ or 44U$D to PayPal.

The cost includes AirMail shipping with a track number provision.

Any questions and applications in a free form should be sent to: